We provide Internet for Things

Connect One® is your specialist partner to connect products with the Internet of Things (IoT). The unique combination of sensors, software and services allows to detect and register the products already in the manufacturing process through our Connect One® Cloud. This enables comprehensively connected solutions and solution portfolios along the value chain for the direct interaction between manufacturer and product/customer without any divergence losses and in real time, if so desired. Curious? The following selected use cases already illustrate the unlimited range of possibilities and opportunities.

Rastal Smartglass

The Connect One® Cloud solution is connecting Rastal's drinking glasses and mugs with the Internet of Things and is enabling the direct interaction between consumer, gastronomy and the beverage industry - in real time. A wonderful triad for unlimited customer journeys.


Digital Type Plate

Smart identification through RFID/NFC technology in combination with the Connect One® Cloud is even matching the demands of a digital type plate as per DIN SPEC 91406. Establish direct contact with the user right at the object and provide required information in the very situation.


Telekom Campaign

The Frankfurt-based One-to-One marketing specialist for digital communication, Rabbit eMarketing, has created a unique One-to-One customer campaign for Deutsche Telekom by using a "smart" mug and the features of the Connect One® Cloud. Look forward to first-class response rates.



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